Will You Join Us? | Year 9 of Art+Feminism

January 28, 2022

As we enter our ninth campaign year, we remain dedicated to building a community of activists who are committed to closing information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts, on Wikipedia (and beyond).

Yet we know, that in this third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, that our community of organizers has changed as many of you have had to reprioritize your lives around new familial responsibilities, job loss, the loss of loved ones, or other significant changes and have not been able to organize Art+Feminism activities. We do appreciate that you all have stayed connected as readers of our newslettersdonors to our fundraising efforts, and attendees of Art+Feminism events around the globe.

We are grateful that you have remained committed to this essential work. If you will be joining us this year, we want to reiterate our commitment to community care and ask that you do the same. If you’d like to join the campaign and organize an edit-a-thon, panel, or meetup, please contact usWe’ll connect you with a regional ambassador who can help you with your event planning.

If you’re curious but unsure about joining the campaign this year, we invite you to take a look at some highlighted events from last year’s campaign, Our suggested Timeline for Event Organizers, and our Virtual Event Resources.

No matter what your level of participation, we value you as a member of this community and look forward to engaging you in the years to come.

In Solidarity,

PS You may have noticed we’re starting our annual campaign later than usual. If you’ve reached out to us recently, then you know we’ve spent several months working to develop equity and anti-racism policies and practices to ensure our operations align with our mission. We look forward to sharing these developments soon!