Community Care

Updated October 2023

We are all tired. For many reasons. But that does not make the pandemic go away. We recognize the challenges to uphold COVID Safety in this ongoing pandemic. For instance, when local governments have lifted masking restrictions, it can be difficult to ask people to mask, but as an organization, our leadership reaffirms and advocates our commitment to community care.

We know that some members of our community live in places where there are few to no restrictions on movement: schools, museums, libraries and other places where events have been hosted in the past may be open. Whether or not these institutions are open because of successful public health work, we want to invite you into our practice of community care as we begin a new season of Art+Feminism events. As you prepare for Art+Feminism 2024, we encourage you to consider:

  • What is safest for the most vulnerable people who want to or will attend your event, including the staff at venues where you’ve hosted your events and your community at large?
  • If holding an in-person event, what health and safety precautions are you taking? How are you communicating those precautions in advance? On site? How will they be enforced?
  • How can you create a meaningful way for the community to participate virtually? What are the accessibility needs for a virtual event?

We encourage you to organize a virtual event or create a meaningful virtual component to an in-person event, as a way of minimizing risks for those who are most vulnerable. Microfunding is available to help offset the costs for things like masks, eye protection, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) along with tests, HEPA air purifiers and hybrid technology. We have generated a separate list of considerations for COVID Precautions for In-Person Events including resources and recommendations around ventilation, masks, tests, communications, and examples.

If you won’t have  the capacity to organize an Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon, we encourage you to consider other ways to be involved, such as: 

We also recognize that your personal capacity may not be what it was pre-pandemic. We see you–we are you! Our mission to close information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts (beginning with Wikipedia) is a marathon, not a sprint. And rest is an important part of marathon training. If you’re reading this, we value you as a member of this community. And if you’re unable to participate in any of these ways, we understand, and we look forward to when we can actively engage with you again.