Sarah Gonzales (she/her)
Network Liaison, Allied Media Projects

Nana Osei-Kofi (she/her)
Director of the Difference, Power, & Discrimination Program (Office of Academic Affairs) and Associate Professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University (OSU)

Kerrie Cotten Williams (they/them/she/her)
Head of the Reference and Reader Services Section of the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Leadership Team

Kira Wisniewski (she/her)
Executive Director 

Nina Yeboah (she/her)
Program Manager

Melissa Tamani Becerra (she/her)
Co-Lead Organizer

Amber Berson (she/her)
Leadership Team Consultant

Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (he/him)
Leadership Team Consultant 

Regional Ambassadors + Network Organizers

Alison Baitz (she/her)
US – Northeast,

Anthony B. Diaz (he/him)
Network Organizer,

Paula Domínguez Font (she/her)
Latin America,

Medhavi Gandhi (she/her)
South Asia,

Richard Knipel (he/him)
Wikimedia Ambassador,

Amanda Meeks (she/they)
US – Southwest,

Jessie Mi  (she/her)
East Asia,

Jaison Oliver (he/him)
US – South,

Athina Petsou (she/her)
Network Organizer,

Sophie Reverdy (she/her)
US – Mid-Atlantic,

Sadik Shahadu (he/him)
West African Indigenous Language Coordinator,

Sofia Stancioff (she/her)

Dominique Eliane Yao (she/her)

Zita Ursula Zage (she/her)
Anglophone Africa,


Siân Evans (she/her)

Jacqueline Mabey (they/them)

Michael Mandiberg (they/them)

Laurel Ptak (she/her)

Founding Executive Director

McKensie Mack (they/them)