Be Bold.

February 2, 2017

Art+Feminism is an international project improving content on feminism and the arts on Wikipedia, and encouraging women’s participation on the encyclopedia. We address the well-known gender gap on Wikipedia by gathering together in groups to learn how to edit Wikipedia so as to create new articles and improve existing content. People gather under the banner of Art+Feminism year-round, however, every year during the month of March we hold simultaneous international solidarity events. Bottom line, you should organize an event where and when it makes sense for your community. You never need our permission to host an edit-a-thon – we take a do-it-yourself approach – but we are here to help if you need it.

We have gathered together methods and materials we’ve used to plan, promote and run edit-a-thons. Our materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License so that you can edit, translate or remix them to suit your needs. While the materials are all Art+Feminism branded, you can use this kit as a guide to hold any kind of thematic edit-a-thon. That means you can use our model as a jumping off point to create a project suited to the needs of your community. In all you do, we encourage you to BE BOLD!