Art+Feminism Meetup with Wiki Advocates PH + more May events

May 12, 2023

Join Art+Feminism for an evening (or morning) of editing and fellowship as we celebrate Year Ten with Wiki Advocates Philippines.

Supporting our efforts in the Philippines is Anthony B. Diaz, a Wikimedian, Network Organizer at Art+Feminism, co-founder of Wiki Advocates Philippines and a Regional Committee Member for Grants of the ESEAP Region.

Anthony has led A+F’s annual campaign from March to June for three years. During his third campaign, Anthony’s team donated a Kiwix device to a remote public school without internet access to promote knowledge equity and help bridge the Wikimedia gender gap. Anthony also trains young volunteers to become future organizers and hopes to see them join the A+F community.

“I’m more focused on developing young leaders,” Anthony says. “Biases are too hard to unlearn when exposed to misinformation. Guide by A+F principles, I know these young volunteers would be good leaders in the Wikimedia movement.”

You can learn more about Anthony’s work with Wiki Advocates and A+F here.

Our Year 10 meetup will take place virtually from 10pm Saturday, May 20 to 1am Sunday, May 21st EDT. We hope to see you there!

For more information about our other events taking place in May, including edit-a-thons in Miami and Taipei City, visit our events page!