Art+Feminism Welcomes New Team Members

September 29, 2022

We are delighted to announce new members to the Art+Feminism staff and leadership Teams!

Jude Casimir (they/them) joins us as the Administrative Associate, a new full time staff position at Art+Feminism. The Administrative Associate will be the backbone of this global organization, handling the day-to-day administrative tasks of the organization.

Medhavi Gandhi (she/her) and Juliana Monteiro (she/her), both former Art+Feminism Regional Ambassadors, join the Art+Feminism leadership team as Lead Co-Organizers, a two-year term contract position that contributes to the strategic vision and planning at Art+Feminism, together with the staff and board.

Earlier this year, current Lead Co-Organizer Melissa Tamani (she/her) in collaboration with outgoing Lead Co-Organizers Amber Berson (she/her) and Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (he/him), created documentation, role definition, and term limits for this role that has evolved greatly over time within Art+Feminism.

Thank you to both hiring committee members for all their work to help us get to this very exciting moment! These three will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the Art+Feminism community and we invite you to help us welcome them in their new roles as we continue to do this work together.

Read more about them below.

Jude Casimir (they/them), Administrative Associate

Jude Casimir is the Administrative Associate of Art+Feminism. Prior to working at A+F, Jude contributed writing to the digital feminist publication Wear Your Voice Magazine, where they covered a range of topics including race, disability, global conditions, and the climate crisis. They’re passionate about knowledge, community, and accessibility in all its forms, and they hope to make the world a better place by consistently acting on those passions. Jude is a writer at heart (even if they don’t write as much as they may want to). They write mainly to reflect on their identity and make sense of the world around them, something they always hope to help others do as well. They were born in Haiti, and they’ve forged a home out of New England, although they often wonder why their family didn’t end up in a warmer place.

Medhavi Gandhi (she/her), Lead Co-Organizer

Medhavi Gandhi is a cultural practitioner, working at the intersection of public engagement with cultural heritage, social development and education since 2009. In 2015 she founded ‘The Heritage Lab’ where she brings together her love for storytelling, museums, digital humanities and arts-education, providing a platform for the public to explore & participate in culture. In 2019 she was a Research Fellow at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin to develop a digital skills toolkit for museum professionals. She is a strong advocate of open access to digital cultural heritage and co-developed the Digital Storytelling Festival with Europeana. She enjoys working with museums to create digital engagement strategies and has been part of the core team of social media campaigns such as MuseumWeek & AskACurator and served as the Regional Ambassador of Art+Feminism for South Asia. 

Juliana Monteiro (she/her), Lead Co-Organizer

Juliana Monteiro is a freelance museologist, who works specially with museum documentation projects. In Brazil, she represents the Portuguese company “Sistemas do Futuro”, which specializes in museum collections management software. She is also a teacher at a technical public Museology course at ETEC Parque da Juventude and in other courses as well.  She really believe in the power of museums in making the difference in our world, by embracing diversity, equity and many forms of feminism. She served as the Regional Ambassador of Art+Feminism for Lusophone communities.