Black Lives Matter

June 1, 2020

Black. Lives. Matter. Black men, women, children, non-binary and trans lives matter. An approach we often take with our work is collaboration and with that in mind have started this document. We recognize the uprisings are about much more than George Floyd, but invoke his name as we address this moment. We value and honor Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all the other lives lost due to systemic racism and oppression.

We know we have work to do internally, as we continue to learn and unlearn about what it means to be anti-racist. We recognize that this list of resources isn’t exhaustive or complete. We invite you to contribute more resources below and Wiki folx, we encourage you to help with articles and images about the uprisings. #Blacklivesmatter #GeorgeFloyd #TonyMcDade #BreonnaTaylor #AhmaudArbery