Core Organizing Principles

February 2, 2017

We all have our own separate practices and political beliefs, but this project is about the Commons, so we make decisions collectively and speak as multitude. It’s a way to both make a concrete contribution and have an accessible discussion about labor, representation, and being a woman online.
–Art+Feminism interviewed by Collectively

We understand feminism not just as an idea, but an everyday ethical practice. As a result we encourage you to employ non-hierarchical organizational models and consensus-based decision making. If you are new to these concepts, we’ve gathered some resources below.

To organize an Art+Feminism event, we require that you follow these guiding principles:
● Work collaboratively
● Think intersectionally; don’t reproduce other structural forms of inequality in your feminist practice
● Remember that Art+Feminism belongs to everyone
● Treat your collaborators and attendees as equals, with kindness, respect and openness
● Reflect on whether or not your actions benefit your community and the greater good
● Always work in good faith      

We take the idea of creating safer spaces seriously. The goal of the edit-a-thon is to create an encouraging space for collective learning. This requires intentional behavior, wherein participants are conscious of the effect of their statements and actions on others. We don’t assume anything about each other and we respect people’s experiences.