Art +feminism - Women cinematographers

July 5th, 2023 - July 31st, 2023
Ilorin, Nigeria
12:00am — 12:00am EST
Individual (Art+feminism 2023)

The Art+feminism Women cinematographers 2023 will feature these line of events

Events For Art+feminism Women cinematographers

In person traning – july 5th(9am – 1pm)

Edit a thon contest – July 1st till July 31st, 2023

project Goals

The aim of this project is Bridge content gap of women cinematographers, directors, writers, film producer, photographers on Wikipedia, Adding entries of more women related articles stubs into a standard articles on Wikipedia and how to add pictures from Wikimedia Commons to Wikipedia articles

We will be organizing physical and virtual training on how to edit Wikipedia and Wikimedia commons

Creating more content about women cinematographers in Africa and also bridging gender gap in African movie industry as most entries are that of the men

Improving and more content for existing articles stubs about African women cinematographers, directors, actress, photographers and film producers.

In-Person Event (July 10 ,2023. Time:9am-1pm)
The physical event will hold on the 10 July , 2023 venue: Bukatee,Unilorin, ilorin , kwara State.

There will be training editors on how to adequately edit and contribute on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikiquote on articles relating to women in sport and also educating participate on the art+feminism campaign goals. There will also be a short edit a thon during the training, to evaluate the results of the training before the main edit a thon contest. Prizes will be awarded.

Below are the link to Google form for registration and also join the WhatsApp group to get more information on the project.

Join the Outreach dashboard through this link


WhatsApp group link


participant can reach out to me if interested in joining the edit a thon via email


Edit-a-thon contest
This will start immediately after the physical training, as participants will create and improve articles relating to women in sports. Prizes will be awarded to top contributors.

Target Participants
Engaging both existing and new editors on how to create and improve articles stubs on Wikipedia ,add pictures from Wikimedia Commons to articles on Wikipedia and also how to upload pictures

COVID Policy
We will adhere strictly to the Wikimedia friendly space policy and UCOC all through the project activities and also enlighten all participants about it.

Organiser and Participants will manage social distancing.

The environment for the physical training will be keep clean and fumigated.

There will adequate sensitization about the COVID friendly policies. Hand sanitizer will be provided for participants before the event starts.

Article Metrics

improve 40 Wikipedia articles stubs

Pictures added to Wikipedia articles 50

Upload pictures to Wikimedia commons 50