Women Pioneers in Bengal (till 1960s)

March 20th, 2021 - March 21st, 2021
12:00am — 11:00pm EST
Immersive Trails

In popular culture, Bengal is always portrayed as the home of cultural pursuits – cinema, art & the written word. Owing to how society perceives business and art as two opposing ends of a spectrum, entrepreneurship from Bengal is misunderstood. Despite many innovations across industries, particularly in creative industries, Bengal gets low billing as a hub for entrepreneurship. In the few instances that entrepreneurs from Bengal are brought to the fore, it is always the men.

This edit-a-thon aims at redefining the conventional understanding of entrepreneurship in Bengal before the 1960s, by creating accessible information on the women who have pioneered its entrepreneurship efforts over the last few centuries. This includes photographers, doctors, engineers and anyone who has shown the way to an enterprising way of life for women! Editors add information on women entrepreneurs across industries beyond cinema for which women from Bengal are lauded generously.

Immersive Trails, the organisation anchoring the edit-a-thon, is a social enterprise that aims to make history accessible through formats which include but are not limited to walks, virtual experience and seminars. History, they believe, can light the path to social justice and with this edit-a-thon they hope to shed light on the historic spirit of women entrepreneurs in Bengal.