Women in Design | Archives Summer Lab 2022

August 8th, 2022 - August 12th, 2022
Ahmedabad, India
12:00pm — 6:00pm IST
Archives, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Archives Summer Lab at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad is an internship program aimed at integrating events into new learning models. In our first attempt, we plan to conclude the Summer Lab by hosting a week-long A+F Women in Design Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

Throughout the Summer Lab period, various practitioners who work within or work closely with GLAMs will be joining us both online and in person for several short conversations, from 11th July to 12th August. The conversations will be facilitated by Shreyasi Pathak and Tanishka Kachru from Archives, NID.

Deepika Srivastava  13th July (1500 -1700 IST, SLA 2 Classroom)
Shreyasi Pathak 15th July (1600 -1730 IST, SLA 2 Classroom)
Tanishka Kachru 15th July Postponed to Monday, 18 July (1500 -1700 IST, SLA 2 Classroom)
Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan 25th July (1500 -1700 IST, SLA 2 Classroom)
Parnisha Sarkar 29th July Postponed to Wednesday, 10 Aug (1500 -1700 IST)
Vishal Khandelwal 3rd Aug (1500 -1700 IST, SLA 2 Classroom)
Padmini Ray Murray 4th Aug (1500 -1700 IST) 
Medhavi Gandhi 5th Aug (1500 -1700 IST)

Meeting ID: 982 0156 5676
Passcode: 904805

Women in Design aims to create and improve articles about all marginalized genders involved in the design world. To start with we want to identify women associated with NID and their contribution to design fields, whether it is contributing to the establishment of the institute or partaking in/heading design projects. Our initial focus would be on the decades of 1950 to 1990. We would be looking through the archives to create new articles and populate existing ones.

The edit-a-thon will run from 5th August 2022 (Postponed to 8th Aug 2022) to 12th August 2022 

All our participants will receive surprise goodies and snacks/meals/drinks !

Starting with English Wikipedia, we would also be contributing to Wikimedia Commons, Wiki Hindi, Gujarati, and open to other language wikis.

It is a hybrid event that will take place online as well as at SLA classroom 2, National Institute of Design, Opp Tagore Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad, India 380007

The NID building is accessible for wheelchairs and most mobility aids, with a provision of a lift and inclined surfaces (ramps) to access the venue.

For links, questions and assistance, please write to archives@nid.edu