Ford Foundation New Media Cohort

May 31, 2022

Art+Feminism is pleased to share that we are part of the Ford Foundation’s New Media Leadership Cohort! The Ford Foundation recently shared:

Last June, The Ford Foundation’s Creativity and Free Expression (CFE) team joined Ford’s digital technology program area, Technology & Society, to invite a group of creative organizations to form an exploration called New Media Leadership. 

All of the organizations are addressing important issues at the intersection of technology, equity, and justice. Through financial support and advancement, this 18-month program has created space for leaders to build relationships and focus on organizational structure, capitalization, and conditions and challenges facing the field. Let’s meet the cohort!

  • Afrotectopia is a social institution creating at the intersections of art, design, technology, Black culture, and activism to cultivate spaces for Black radical imagination
  • Art + Feminism works to build a community of activists committed to closing information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts, beginning with Wikipedia
  • BUFU is a project-based collective of queer femme artists exploring the solidarity between Black and Asian discourse
  • CRUX is a visionary worker-cooperative studio at the intersection of Black storytelling and immersive technology
  • Movers & Shakers is led by a trio of African American artists who focus on edtech and activism, using augmented reality to write Black and Brown narratives into American curricula  
  • Powrplnt is a network of artists, a gallery space, and internet lounge that promotes digital arts education and access for all
  • Processing Foundation promotes software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within tech-related fields to empower people to make creative works with code
  • School for Poetic Computation is an artist-run school, residency, and research group that explores crossovers between code, design, hardware, and theory to celebrate artistic intervention