I’m So Here For It: a Coming-of-Age Tale about Joining Art + Feminism

February 1, 2017

I’m McKensie, the new Program Coordinator at Art + Feminism and resident Southern belle and intergalactic, black girl. I was born in Chicago and welcomed into the world by a family of butter aficionados. I’m a writer, performer, consultant and strategist with a penchant for Baldwin and high-class meme curation. When I’m not producing content about politics, pop culture, and race, I’m developing anti-oppressive strategies for dismantling systems of disempowerment in cultural institutions. I enjoy twirling in my living room, hosting shows about fun, and dabbing to 90s R & B. I’m also a sucker for homemade pie that’s just like my Nana used to make. So what brought me here to Art + Feminism? 

I’m here because I believe in women and their power. I’m here because who writes and edits our histories as marginalized people makes a difference in how we perceive the world, how the world perceives us, and how we perceive ourselves. Access to knowledge is power, but if that knowledge is skewed by a view that says that we don’t matter- how can it be useful to us? How it can it empower us to be heard?

Since 2014, Art + Feminism has gathered women to more than 280 events across 6 continents and has improved thousands of Wikipedia pages. Did you know that in 2011 a survey conducted by the Wikimedia Foundation found that just 8.5% of editors on the platform were women? Art +Feminism seeks to amplify that number by welcoming cis-women, trans-women, femmes, queer women, and women of color to claim space for themselves in the writing and editing of histories and stories, not unlike their own. This year, I proclaim the theme of my work with Art+Feminism to be ‘Claiming Space’. My 2017 is going to be all about empowering women to lay claim to their voice through writing, editing, and non-apology. AND I’M SO HERE FOR IT. #goodbyehaters

Want to learn more about becoming a friend or ally to the organization or interested in organizing an event where you live? Email me at so we can kiki over sweet treats and make plans to take over the world – one edit a time.

Yours in solidarity, tacos and trap music,



p.s. you can find me on Twitter @mckensiemack