Initiatives en cours

The first Art+Feminism campaign took place in 2014 and has continued annually ever since. It is the longest ongoing initiative of Art+Feminism.

A multilingual, six-month Art+Feminism research project, led by Amber Berson, Monika S Jones and Melissa Tamani, with the support of Sue Barnum, Mariana Fossatti, Camille Larivée, Walaa Abdel Manaem, and, Ha-Loan Phan. We study reliable source (WP:RS) guidelines and related content policies on English, French, and Spanish Wikipedia pages.

Wikipedia’s gender and cultural gaps are well documented, but how different are these information imbalances on Wikimedia Commons?

In collaboration with Wikimedia Norge and the Inuit Art Foundation, Art+Feminism is developing a project to add more circumpolar content from Indigenous perspectives. We’re also excited to be working with Thérèse Ottawa and Sadik Shahadu, who are serving as the inaugural Art+Feminism Indigenous Communities Ambassadors in 2020-2021.

Art+Feminism co-founder, Michael Mandiberg, is currently leading internal research that looks at the impact of Art+Feminism on addressing Wikipedia’s ongoing gender gap problem.

Art+Feminism has developed and taken part in initiatives aimed at promoting a healthier and safer Wikimedia community

Past Initiatives