Current Initiatives

A multilingual, six-month Art+Feminism research project, led by Amber Berson, Monika S Jones and Melissa Tamani, with the support of Sue Barnum, Mariana Fossatti, Camille Larivée, Walaa Abdel Manaem, and, Ha-Loan Phan. We study reliable source (WP:RS) guidelines and related content policies on English, French, and Spanish Wikipedia pages.

In collaboration with Wikimedia Norge and the Inuit Art Foundation, Art+Feminism is developing a project to add more circumpolar content from Indigenous perspectives. We’re also excited to be working with Thérèse Ottawa and Sadik Shahadu, who are serving as the inaugural Art+Feminism Indigenous Communities Ambassadors in 2020-2021.

Art+Feminism co-founder, Michael Mandiberg, is currently leading internal research that looks at the impact of Art+Feminism on addressing Wikipedia’s ongoing gender gap problem.

Art+Feminism has developed and taken part in initiatives aimed at promoting a healthier and safer Wikimedia community

Past Initiatives

Past Initiatives

Read about some of our past initiatives.
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