Current Initiatives

Art+Feminism Impact Research Project

Art+Feminism co-founder, Michael Mandiberg, is currently leading internal research that looks at the impact of Art+Feminism on addressing Wikipedia’s ongoing gender gap problem. In 2014 approximately 10-15% of the editor community were women, trans and non-binary people and only 15% of all biographies were about women, trans and non-binary people. Six years of many community […]
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Indigenous Community Work

In 2020-2021, Art+Feminism started a pilot initiative with Thérèse Ottawa and Sadik Shahadu to support their ongoing work in the Atikamekw and Dagbani languages on Wikipedia as inaugural Art+Feminism Indigenous Communities Ambassadors. In addition, we’re supported Wikimedia Norge to add more circumpolar content from Indigenous perspectives. Art+Feminism will provide technical support for the events and […]
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Reading Together: Reliability and Multilingual Global Communities

via Reading Together is a multilingual, six-month Art+Feminism research project. We study reliable source (WP:RS) guidelines and related content policies on English, French, and Spanish Wikipedia pages. What are these guidelines? How is a “reliable source” defined in action? And what is the impact of these guidelines on content about marginalized communities and editors on these three Wikipedias? […]
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Wikimedia Advocacy

Art+Feminism has developed and taken part in initiatives aimed at promoting a healthier and safer Wikimedia community. In 2019 we created an Anti-harassment working group, dedicated to developing strategies and tools for the prevention and reporting of harassment within the spaces of Wikimedia. This same group has actively participated in the community consultation process for […]
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