Strategic Planning

We’re excited to share our Strategic Roadmap as a result of working through a formal strategic planning process facilitated by Wayfinding Partners (Washington D.C) a consulting firm that centers racial equity and justice. The Strategic Planning Task Force includes members from our own leadership, the board of directors, and community members from around the world.

The first phase took place June – August 2020 with over a dozen interviews with various stakeholders within the organization. Resulting in an Insight Report acting as the foundation for our work in the second phase of strategic planning, that took place December – April 2021.

During the process we asked ourselves big questions like “How do we collectively define intersectional feminism? What does decolonization mean to our practice? How do we participate in information activism?” This work will serve as the foundation to identify goals and develop a strategy for the future of Art + Feminism.

This process concluded in April 2021 with Wayfinding Partner’s providing Art+Feminism’s revised vision, values, and mission and a written strategic screens, strategies with short and mid-term goals.