Wikimedia Advocacy

Art+Feminism has developed and taken part in initiatives aimed at promoting a healthier and safer Wikimedia community. In 2019 we created an Anti-harassment working group, dedicated to developing strategies and tools for the prevention and reporting of harassment within the spaces of Wikimedia. This same group has actively participated in the community consultation process for the creation of a Universal Code of Conduct promoted by the Wikimedia Foundation during 2020.

WMF Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC)

In February 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation’s Board approved a Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) that covers all affiliates, chapters and user group members. The enforcement and execution process of the Universal Code of Conduct is an important factor in creating a safe, inclusive environment in our affiliates and wiki-workplaces. The UCoC works in tandem with Art+Feminism’s Brave Space Policy and the Anti-Harassment Working Group Security Toolkit.

In Q1 2021, the UCoC Drafting Committee presented a draft of the Universal Code of Conduct and asked for more community input as they moved into questions of enforcement. Art+Feminism created an abbreviated survey to collect community feedback.