2021 Call to Action Art Commission

Call for artists to create an original, open-license work which helps to visualize Art+Feminism. The work will be used by the global Art+Feminism community in future Art+Feminism campaigns.

The Call to Action Art Commission was established by Art+Feminism in 2017. Under this program, artists create a Creative Commons licensed work that is hosted on Wikimedia Commons

In 2021, we are celebrating the Global South, limiting applicants to artists located in regions where the curators of the call reside:  African countries, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

We’re interested in working with artists that align with our values (which centers all our work), sees their own art as a form of activism, and can help visualize what Art+Feminism looks like.

Interested artists should fill out this brief form for consideration. Up to two selected applicants will receive a 2000$ (USD) artist fee for their work each. All applicants will be eligible to attend a workshop about WikiCommons in August.

Deadline to apply is August 16,  2021


June 15Application is open
June 23 at 2p UTCInstagram Live Session w/ Medhavi Gandhi (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan)
June 26 at 2pm UTCFacebook Live Session w/ Zita Ursula Zage (Africa)
July 5 at 2pm UTCInstagram Live Session w/ Juliana Monteiro (Brazil)
August 16Deadline to apply
December 11 at 2pm UTCFree one-hour workshop for all applicants about WikiCommons (presented in English with Portuguese interpretation)
December 7All applicants notified of status
December 8 – January 31Selected artists creates original work
February 2022New works announced and available on Wikimedia Commons
*All applicants were notified about the updated timeline on September 10 with the email used in their application.


What is Creative Commons license work?
From CreativeCommons.org: Every Creative Commons license helps creators retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work — at least non-commercially. Every Creative Commons license also ensures licensors get the credit for their work they deserve. Every Creative Commons license works around the world and lasts as long as applicable copyright lasts. 

What is Wikimedia Commons?
Wikimedia Commons is a repository of free, educational media files used by Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects, and others. All works on WikiCommons carry a Creative Commons license.

What format can the commissioned work be?
Whereas, many different file types are accepted on Wikimedia Commons, we envision the selected artist will create a digital work, such as a 2D image or gif that can easily be utilized by the Art+Feminism global community. We do not envision a photo of  a piece of work such as a sculpture or object or painting. You can look at past commissions for inspiration here. Wikimedia Commons only accepts “free content.” Likewise, ONLY free file formats are allowed.

How long will the selected artist have to create the commissioned work?
The selected artist will have from point of notification (September 1) through October 31, 2021 to complete their commissioned work. 

I have another question.
We’ll be offering three live Q&As on the following schedule and platforms:
June 23 at 2p UTC: Instagram Live Session w/ Medhavi Gandhi (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan)
June 26 at 2pm UTC: Facebook Live Session w/ Zita Ursula Zage (Africa)
July 5 at 2pm UTC: Instagram Live Session w/ Juliana Monteiro (Brazil)

You can also reach us at opportunities@artandfeminism.org

2021 Call for Action Art Commission Curators

Medhavi Gandhi (she/her)
Exploring Art, Culture & Heritage in a digital world. Pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling & content; mostly museum-hopping & talking Open Access & Digital Strategy. Founder at The Heritage Lab. Tweeting at @MedhaviGandhi

Juliana Monteiro (she/her)
Graduated in Museology, holds a master degree in Information Science and works as museum independent consultant for projects related to museum collection management.

Zita Ursula Zage (she/her)
Long time Wikimedian and Tech advocate with over 7 years experience in the open movement. Is the Founder and Executive director of the Global Open Initiative Foundation, a non profit organisation based in Ghana. She also authored a personal development book titled The Road to Discovery.