Lorelei Esser, (1949 – ), Florida, Artist~feminist~pantheist

January 30, 2014

Lorelei Esser has been producing art professionally since the 1960s. As a regular participant of “The Red House” (Melrose, Florida) counter-culture activities, she was a figurehead of woman-centric artistic expression in the burgeoning women’s movement in central Florida.

Her art evolved from the hundreds of fiber weavings of the 1970s, bound and dripping with the flora and fauna Esser reveres. As her weavings began to include miscellaneous found objects (she used the trash/litter as artistic elements for their shapes, colors and textures but also for the cultural statement they make), Esser began to use boxes to ‘frame’ the assemblages of found objects.

Lorelei Esser’s assemblage boxes marked a significant period which lasted almost 20 years. Eventually the ‘box’ became too much a constraint for her assemblages and she began her first significant installation, “The Kitchen Box”, which was published in an issue of MS. Magazine … 

So much more to report on this relevant artist of our time …