Her Voice Campaign

July 1st, 2023
Accra, Ghana
10:00am — 2:00pm UTC
Women For Sustainability Africa

We recognize the historical exclusion of women’s voices from discussions and decision-making processes, and this bias is also evident online. We firmly believe that empowering more women and raising awareness and empowering them can help bridge the knowledge gap, particularly regarding women from Africa.

Our upcoming meet-up aims to bring together women within the Women for Sustainability Network to create awareness of the valuable opportunities within the open movement space. We will explore how these opportunities can be harnessed to address the knowledge gaps concerning women of African descent in arts and culture online.

During the meet-up, we will facilitate the creation of new Wikipedia accounts for new participants, empowering them to contribute to new articles on Wikidata. The meet-up will serve as a platform for women to be introduced to Art+Feminism community, introduce them to the open movement and Wikimedia as well as offer them the opportunity to express their perspectives and contribute to shaping an inclusive space within the open movement.

We aspire to foster sustainable participation and encourage women’s active involvement in this movement. By amplifying their voices, we can collectively create an environment that supports and empowers women in the arts and beyond.”


Our target is to create approximately 20 new Wikidata articles and create at least 10 new Wikipedia accounts through this initiative. Additionally, we will encourage new participants to join existing Wikimedia communities, enabling them to further enhance their Wikipedia skills.


The date for In Person meet-up is Saturday 1st of July 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

Make your Reservation here :

You can call 0270006546 to make your reservation

Venue: Elizas Restaurant Dzowulu, Accra-Ghana

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