Palestine is a Feminist Issue

April 29, 2024

Art+Feminism has signed on to the Joint Statement on Palestine on Wikipedia and also joined over 200 organizations and leaders that have signed the Pledge that Palestine is a Feminist Issue. Although we are a global community, we are a U.S.-based organization. As the United States continues to fund the genocide in Gaza, we owe it to you, our community, to be clear on where we stand and our commitments.

We believe that:

  • As an all BIPOC leadership team, we must Free Palestine.
  • As a feminist organization, we must Free Palestine.
  • As a feminist organization whose mission is to center stories that are historically unwritten, we must Free Palestine.

Please take a moment to read the whole pledge. As our friends at Whose Knowledge? stated, solidarity is a dynamic process rather than a one-time event. As an organization, we commit to:

  • Support the global call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel, initiated in 2005 by Palestinian Civil Society.
  • Urge the scholars and artists in our community to specifically support the Academic and Cultural boycott of Israel.
  • Uplift Palestinian artists and organizers.
  • Recognize the undeniable links between the struggles for Black liberation and Palestinian liberation.
  • Continue to hold space for our community to have conversations and reflection around Palestine and how as a feminist organization we can move in solidarity.
  • Invite you to call us in if you see we’re straying from any points of the pledge or these commitments.

Our leadership team believes that these actions align with our current campaign theme, “Solidarity! Solidarity. Solidarity?: We’re (not) all in this together!” We hope that you consider signing as an individual or with other organizations you’re affiliated with. We also recognize that this action may make some uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, we invite you to explore that discomfort and enter that discomfort with curiosity.

In solidarity,
Art+Feminism Leadership

Palestine Resources

This list is not exhaustive, but includes what we’ve been reading as a leadership team.

If you’re editing on Wiki about Palestine or working on related projects, we’d love to hear from you.