Art + Feminism 2022 in Kenya

September 7th, 2022 - September 8th, 2022
Mombasa, Kenya
8:00am — 2:00pm EAT
Close The Gap hub


Event Information A+ F 2022 in Kenya


Project Title: Art + Feminism 2020 in Kenya

Proposed Date: 7 th & 8th September 2022

Project Plan: Two days Workshop

Proposed Venue: Close The Gap hub

Location: Mombasa, Kenya


The Art + Feminism workshop in Kenya is a 2-day event that seeks to host a panel discussion and an audience comprising of feminists in the creative space for a conversation on the role of art in championing feminism and advancing gender equity.

Day one will focus on the panel discussion while day 2 will be reserved for an introduction to Wikipedia editing.

The Workshop will create collaboration between Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya and other potential partners in the Coastal region of Kenya as we seek to introduce more editors to Wikipedia in the region.

The Wikimedia UserGroup in Kenya has been keen on championing diversity and growing swahili wikipedia, hence from 2022, our projects have spread to the coastal region of Kenya, which is home to native, indegenous swahili communities.  

Expected Outcomes

  1.     Recruit new Wikipedia Editors
  2. Increase knowledge on matters Feminism, Gender and the Arts.
  3. Increase contributions on Swahili Wikipedia;
  • New pages created – 
  • Pages improved-
  • Images uploaded on Commons-

Goals & Objectives

  • Mapp Out content gaps in the area of Gender, Arts & Feminism -eg topics, biographies, etc
  • Raise awareness on Wikipedia Projects the UG is involved in and how participants can participate
  • Engage and reach out to potential partners. We are already in communication with a hub in the region (Swahili Pot) which has shown interest in collaborating with the UG.
  • Increase contributions by Wikipedia editors in Kenya on Swahili Wikipedia

Action Plan

Dashboard – We plan to create a dashboard for all new editors who will be recruited to monitor their work and contributions made.

Registration Forms – We plan to use google forms to capture registration data for participants. This will help us collect key data and contacts to help with follow-up post the event.

Partnership/Collaboration – We plan to work with the Swahili Pot hub, which is based in the targeted region,  in this project and we have initiated communication with the team. They have agreed to mobilize participants for the workshop based on their knowledge of the region.

Swahili will also help amplify our social media campaign in order to reach a wider audience and increase awareness on the event.