Our materials are informed by critical pedagogy, intersectional feminist organizing principles, and designed for all experience levels and gender identities and expressions.

All Art+Feminism materials and resources found here and on WikiCommons have an open-source license (CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International). They are available for anyone to translate and circulate. We encourage gender inclusive translation, when possible.

We welcome you to join us as we advocate for more representation of both content and content creators across the internet.

Editing and Organizing Materials

Many of our guides are currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. All of our materials are open source and are welcome to be remixed into any format or language to fit the needs of your community.
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Download A+F Brand Assets

Art+Feminism logos, patterns, fonts, and branding kit for organizers to use and create promotional materials for events.

Ressources pour les événements virtuels

Nous reconnaissons que les événements virtuels, tout comme les événements en personne, peuvent prendre de nombreuses formes différentes. Nous avons développé ces ressources à partir de notre expérience, en interrogeant notre communauté, en recueillant les meilleures pratiques d’autres organisations que nous admirons, et en essayant de faire de notre mieux pour centrer les soins à […]
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Remote Learning

Art+Feminism has tools for teaching with Wikipedia that can be easily adapted for remote learning and remixed to any subject matter. These tools are made for the virtual space, creating a rich opportunity for students to contribute directly to the act of knowledge sharing and information advocacy while honing research and writing skills.
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Art+Feminism takes safety very seriously. We have initiated a line of work to develop strategies and tools that help our community deal with and prevent online harassment that may occur as a result of their involvement with Art+Feminism projects.
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Community Hours

To support our growing global community, in late 2019 we introduced online « Community Hours » on a variety of topics that might be useful for our community of organizers like promoting your event or offering case studies from our global community.
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