Horas comunitarias

Para apoyar a nuestra creciente comunidad global, a finales de 2019 introdujimos las «Horas comunitarias» en línea, en las que conversamos sobre una variedad de temas que pueden ser útiles para nuestra comunidad de organizadores, tales como la promoción de tu evento o la presentación de algunos ejemplos de nuestra comunidad global. Si tienes una idea o estás interesade en facilitar una hora comunitaria, ¡contáctanos!

Próximas horas comunitarias

08/08/21021: Community Hours: A+F for #WPWP (Session 2) – Register

Horas comunitarias pasadas (en orden cronológico inverso)

  • 07/21/2021: Community Hours: Unreliable Guidelines Report Share Out (YouTube) (Slides) (Transcript)
  • 07/18/2021: Community Hours: A+F for #WPWP – Session 1 (YouTube)
  • 06/17/2021: Horas Comunitarias: La Musea M.A.M.I. (Esta sesión será en español)
  • 05/22/2021: Cómo organizar una editatona A+F en línea (Esta sesión será en español) (YouTube)
  • 04/24/2021: Media Wiki translate-a-thon for smaller language Wikipedia Communities (Slides | Wikimedia Commons)
  • 04/22/21: Intro to WikiCommons (Slides | Wikimedia Commons)
  • 03/24/2021: Wikidata, Lexemes and Minority Languages (Recording | Slides)
  • 02/26/2021: Promoting your (virtual) edit-a-thon (Recording | Transcript | Slides | Wikimedia Commons)
  • 02/06/2021: Art+Feminism Funding Opportunities (Recording | Transcript | Slides | Wikimedia Commons)
  • 01/21/2021 and 01/23/2021: Creating a Theme for your 2021 A+F Event (english and español)
  • 06/22/2020: Case Studies: Extending the Collective with Daniela Brugger, Regional Ambassador – Europe and Zofia Resnik, Art+Feminism local organizer
  • 06/16/2020: Case Studies: A+F in the Classroom with Sophie Reverdy, A+F Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador, Distance Learning Librarian, Anne Arundel Community College, Jen Schuster, Professor, Anne Arundel Community College, Jennifer Kennedy, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, and Johanna Amos, Professor, Queen’s University
  • 05/30/2020: 2020 Art+Feminism Closing Celebration with A+F Leadership
  • 05/7/2020: Εισαγωγή στην επεξεργασία της Wikipedia (Greek) with Athina Petsou, Regional Ambassador – Europe/UK
  • 05/4/2020: Case Studies: Articles for Deletion with Michael Mandiberg, A+F Co-founder, acting board president
  • 04/29/2020: Introduction to Wikidata with Jaison Oliver, Regional Ambassador – US/South
  • 04/20/2020: Introdução à Edição da Wikipédia (Portuguese) – Juliana Montierra, Regional Ambassador – Lusophone
  • 04/16/2020: Articles Marked for Deletion with Mohammedi Sadat Abdulai, A+F Co-lead and Melissa Tamini, A+F Co-lead
  • 03/25/2020: Reglas básicas de edición with Melissa Tamini, A+F Co-lead and Gisselle Giron, Latin America Regional Ambassador
  • 03/24/2020: Virtual Events (2 case studies) with Amye McCarther + Derek Wright, New Museum and Amanda Meeks, Southwest + Midwest Regional Ambassador
  • 02/29/2020: Intro to Editing with Sophie Reverdy, Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador and Zita Ursula Zage, Anglophone Africa Regional Ambassador
  • 02/28/2020: Anti-Harassment Working Group Toolkit
  • 02/25/2020: l’édition de Wikipedia with Amber Berson. A+F Co-lead and Dominique Yao, Francophone Africa + France Regional Ambassador (Initial session did not record correctly, Dominique Yao redid the session that is recorded on 3/6/20).
  • 02/24/2020: Reglas básicas de edición en Wikipedia (Basic Wikipedia’s editing rules) with Melissa Tamini, A+F Co-lead and Gisselle Giron, Latin America Regional Ambassador
  • 01/25/2020: Promoting Your Event with Regional Organizer, Megan O’Hearn
  • 01/11/2020: Funding and Dashboard, with A+F staff and guest Sage Ross from Wiki Edu
  • 11/30/2019: Kick-off + Intro to Community Hours