1. What Art+Feminism can and can’t do

Art+Feminism is a campaign to improve the gender diversity of editors and to increase feminist content on the platform. Our responsibility is to inform and educate, to encourage better support structures on Wiki. We cannot provide legal council.

1.1 Art+Feminism can:

  • Help navigate users towards Wiki harassment protocols – see below for examples. We should and/or can be put in CC in the processes. 
  • We can support in votes (where appropriate).
  • Art+Feminism can help to document and compile documentation of clear harassment experiences if the user is not able to.
  • Art+Feminism can lobby WMF for a stronger anti-harassment policy.

1.2 Art+Feminism cannot: 

  • Change the current Wiki policy.
  • Can not act in a way that goes against current Wiki policy.
  • We cannot act as the Trust and Safety Team/issue sanctions/ban anyone.