Sample Cheat Sheet

January 30, 2017

Welcome to the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

To get started, check in and sign up for a Wikipedia account [where].
This document lives at [link where they can assess this sheet online].

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#ArtAndFeminism #NowEditingAF

Join us for an all-day communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to art and feminism. We will provide tutorials for beginner Wikipedians, reference materials, childcare, and refreshments.

How do I learn how to edit Wikipedia?
Trainings will be offered at [times] in the [room number].  We also have training videos:

What should I work on?
If you have 1 hour or less, go to a training and learn more about editing Wikipedia.
If you have 90 minutes, go to a training and add some citations to an article in your area of expertise.
If you have 2 hours, go to a training and add a well cited paragraph to an article in your area of expertise.
If you have 2-4 hours, consider creating a new article. Be sure to gather your reliable sources and check in with an experienced Wikipedian to ensure that your article meets Wikipedia’s notability guidelines.

Don’t know what to work on? We have books and articles available for inspiration!

What if I have questions?
There are many volunteers on hand to field your questions about Wikipedia or research. Volunteers will be wearing [identifier]. Ask us for help!

Where can I work?
[list spaces where people can work and if they can eat in these spaces]

Other Details
Wifi Information:
Need a computer?

Research Resources
A good selection of open-access sources are listed in Art and Feminism Research Resources:
Additional sources on art are here: This includes subscription-based sources accessible on-site only.

For assistance, ask Edit-a-thon volunteers.