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December 11, 2013

She was always dancing—with her feet, yes, but more often with her head and heart. A few highlights among many: In Chicago, she co-founded Pink Bloque, a “radical feminist dance troupe dedicated to challenging the white supremacist capitalist patriarchal empire one street dance party at a time.” In Troy, New York, for the city’s twee annual Victorian Stroll, she recast herself and fellow artists and activists as United Victorian Workers, Local 518 “to advance a more accurate perception of life in Victorian times by…embodying those whose labor built the city by dressing in Victorian-era working-class apparel and performing a period-inspired strike during the event.” (A policeman asked by one of the “upper class” strollers balked, in solidarity with the “workers,” at being asked to shoo them away.) Later in Troy, and later still in Syracuse, with her longtime partner in life and work, Josh MacPhee, and Olivia Robinson, she presented the astonishing piece Spectres of Liberty, which featured projections of provocative quotations from the African American abolitionist Henry Hyland Garnet in a haunting white blow-up church erected on the site of an original long torn down.

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