Art+Feminism Style Guide & Logos

January 30, 2017

These are some images you can use to promote your event as well as a suggested colors and fonts to use. Like all of our materials, feel free to use and remix these as best suits your community.

Some info on the jerrycan image:

Caption: Divya Mehra, Dangerous Women (Blaze of Glory), 2017, digital image, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International  

This image was created for the inaugural Art+Feminism Call to Action Art Commission. Each year, an artist will be selected to create a Creative Commons licensed artwork that edit-a-thon organizers can use to promote their events. Our goal is to both highlight the work of contemporary artists and to expand the body of images available that represent the project. Divya Mehra was selected for the inaugural commission. Mehra’s research-fuelled practice explores diasporic identities, racialization, otherness, and the construct of diversity. Dangerous Women (Blaze of Glory), 2017 depicts a jerrycan with the word “edit” emblazoned on the face of the container. With a dry, disruptive sense of humor, the work suggests a source of untapped energy and the need for reinvigorating change.