In solidarity with Not Surprised

February 10, 2018

We’ve always tried to be responsive and responsible in our organizing, to be feminist in both name and practice. For these reasons, Art+Feminism will not be buying an Art & Education ad as we have in years past. Art and Education is a joint venture between e-flux and Artforum. The management of Artforum enabled the sexual predation of Knight Landesman for years, and has now made legal actions against the victims brave enough to speak out. We will not condone this behavior with our ad dollars. Further, we call on e-flux to live up to its stated politics, to upend the status quo and use their power in service of those impacted by systemic injustice: Suspend their relationship with Artforum until Knight Landesman is no longer a co-owner, and Artforum retracts its motion to dismiss Amanda Schmitt’s lawsuit.

in solidarity with Not Surprised